This site is for use by COMMERCIAL PRINTERS.
Verifiable State Re-Sale License Is Required to order from this web site.

The use of REACT™ CIC Hologram Coupon Paper is limited to those who are authorized to print Official High Value Coupons. Documentation will be required upon request.

Acceptance of any and all orders for REACT ™ CIC Hologram Coupon Paper is at the discretion of the Micro Format Document Security Compliance Team.

Authorized REACT Coupon Printer Request

Micro Format, Inc.
830-3 Seton Court
Wheeling IL 60090

Micro Format manufactures REACT Coupon Paper with the Coupon Information Corporation (CIC) hologram.

SecureGuard REACT™ Coupon Paper with the CIC Hologram was designed and manufactured with permission from the CIC.
This product is perfect for printing high value and free product coupons.

As part of our agreement with CIC to manufacture Coupon Base Stock with the CIC Hologram, Micro Format affirmed to CIC that we have "policies/procedures" in place that outline the responsibilities of all parties to ensure only legitimate coupon printers in (our) distribution network receive REACT Coupon Paper with the CIC Hologram.

The Industry Challenge according to CIC, Coupon Information Corporation ...... Counterfeiting
Counterfeit coupons have cost manufacturers millions of dollars and have created numerous costs and challenges for retailers and other industry participants. These counterfeits have ranged from amateurish home-made ones to high quality, professional examples virtually identical to those printed by the industry. Unfortunately, even the amateurish coupons are often accepted for redemption, creating liabilities for a variety of industry participants.
Once a counterfeit is accepted, someone, whether it is a manufacturer or a retailer, is going to have to pay for it, creating uncontrollable liabilities and unnecessary trade relations issues.

Micro Format’s requirements for approved REACT COUPON PAPER printers:
  1. When you become an authorized React Coupon Printer, you accept the required responsibility to help prevent coupon fraud.
  2. All SecureGuard REACT Security Paper Base Stock will be controlled and kept in a secure manor.
  3. When printing coupons on REACT Security Paper with the CIC Hologram, authorized printers must print an order identification number and a consecutive number beginning with 0001. On repeat orders, the consecutive number must begin with 0001. The number cannot be continued from the previous order.
  4. The CIC Hologram IS ONLY AUTHORIZED TO APPEAR ON REACT SECURITY COUPON PAPER when printed by a SecureGuard REACT authorized coupon printer.
  5. Approved REACT coupon printers are required to secure all REACT coupon paper with the CIC Hologram.
  6. All "make ready" must be destroyed.
If you wish to participate in selling coupons printed on REACT Secure Coupon Paper
that cantains the CIC Hologram, please fill in this form and submit to SecureGuard Wholesale Division.
Your application indicates that you have read the information enclosed and you are willing to abide by all of the requirements listed above.

Please supply us with the following information:

Your Name:
Printing Company Name:
Address Line 1:
Address Line 2:
State: ZIP:
Business Phone:
State ReSale License Number:
Electronic Signature:

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